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Wow, it’s unbelievable that I have been doing other things instead of writing articles for this blog.  Honestly, I have been working with my other sites that I manage. So far, I have updated 4 sites for now. Likely, I still have a possible 6 sites to build, design and update, including this one. Good thing, it’s not so much work than I thought, since I recently wrote 7 new posts, plus updated 5 older posts. Most of these posts are applicable to all sites that I need to write articles on (more often if possible).  These posts are not usually so much to health topics, but rather more on wellness and business related.

Having a background in business, mostly in educational training, and observation, I am comfortable in writing business topics. However, don’t worry, I always like new challenges. Thus, writing on this blog would be a great challenge for me. I hope you will like it, and it would be of help to you and even for myself too.
As to related health, wellness, and sports background, my family are health crazy people. Really! My hubby, (picture) has been a Fitness World (recently Steve Nash Sports Club) gym member since 1992. He has been active as a Soccer Coach and Board of Director in the soccer community for 7 years.  He loves to swim and loves the pool area very much! Two of my late teens daughters have played soccer. The eldest (picture) played for at least 7 years, and refereeing soccer for at least 4 years now (currently holds district level badge). Also recently, she started coaching soccer. She’s a trained goalkeeper, likes to play and coach soccer when she can.
As to my other daughter, (picture) she had played soccer for 4 years before the sport of basketball took her away from soccer. She’s more of a soccer supporter now, and loves to play FIFA 12 with her brother!  Actually, this daughter of mine is a well-gifted person when it comes to sports. Any sport that she plays, she’s always good at it! As to my youngest, (picture), he has been a soccer player for 7 years now. He’s a well-gifted child too, but the sport of soccer is his favorite.
As for me, I have always been a health conscious person myself. It wasn’t really since 2004 that I started participating in racing event, more like an amateur athlete.  So far, here’s my summary, my background, either in career, health, wellness, and especially my involvement in sports, RunRamsey, Dailymile, LinkedIn and All My Web Links (listed on left-hand side). They are not spectacular, but definitely eligible to write this blog. Of course, they will be based on my own experience, and others too. Hopefully, they would be helpful to you and even myself too.

So for now, while I am working with this blog site, loading some business related articles, ads and designing of this site. Hopefully, soon I will be able to write/upload some health, wellness and sports related topics. I hope they will benefit all of us. As a matter of fact, majority of NYCARE_Wellness Twitter account followers have interest in business. Thus, these articles that I will be posting (while working on this site) are applicable to would-be or new business owners, or maybe even extra pointers to older ones too.
Until then.

Earla Riopel
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