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"My Not So Boring Life"

September is always somewhat special for me. Not only it's the start of school and the youth soccer league for our household, but it's my husband, Albert and myself wedding anniversary.

School Started Late
The school season started few weeks late for British Columbian (k-12 grades) kids due to a long BC Teachers' strike which started in June, ending the school 2013-2014 term early than the regular scheduled date.

Though my 15 year old son has some other extra-curricular activities besides school, such as his SFU Soccer AcademyCliff Avenue Soccer and doing self-taught computer programming, but like other school kids, he's just happy to be back at school and so am I.

Our Wedding Anniversary
Time flies. It's seems like September 1990 was fast-forwarded for us so fast that we just celebrated our 24th! I guess, having three children, ages: 22, 21 and 15 years old, we considered ourselves as one of those young parents in the 40s and and early 50s. As to the celebration, we didn't do much on our 24th anniversary, just spending time with each other. It was fun.

After being with his last job for almost 13 years, this year, my husband Albert accepted a new employment. He likes his new employment at ICOM Canada. I won't call it so much as a new line of work, since it was related to his previous employments (amateur radios) which started at least 30 years ago. It started more like a hobby for him at 15 years of age, took related training, apprenticeships and became his employment before and after we got married in 1990.

Lately at ICOM Canada, his love for amateur 'ham' radio has been given extra credit and recognized by his colleages and giving him opportunity to go to some of ICOM Canada's trade shows. Of course, my love of photography and spending time with Albert on the weekend always a 'treat' for the two us. I don't know what Albert does at work, but I got invited a couple times already! Not complaining of course, my curiosity and love of photography always tempted me to say 'yes' and tagged along. Just hoping with all these trade shows that Albert and I attended, we made a difference to promote Albert's work, ICOM Canada and even globally. ICOM is celebrating its 50 years anniversary this year, which originally started in Japan.

Twitter and Paperli Curation
Twitter and Paperli have been part of my life in the last 6 years and 5 years respectively. I am not making money out of it, if you are wondering. If Albert has his amateur 'ham' radio as a hobby, Twitter and Paperli are my two hobbies that I can't live without these days. It brings that enjoyment of social networking and it feeds my brain everyday, knowing what's happening out there, locally and globally is priceless. Love it!

Soccer Drills
Laugh if you will, but since I injured my right leg last year, I skipped 2014 for any running races. Since 2004, I have participated at least 56 running related races, including 6 triathlons and 15 marathons. I decided to be nice and a little 'softie' to my body this year. You can call it 'laziness' or 'rehabing' or 'gaining some extra pounds', but I'm happy with my current 'fitness program'. Going with Albert and our 15 year old son, spending time with them during their Cliff Avenue soccer practices and games are so motivating, defying all 'comments' of very traditional people of having a woman in her 40s doing soccer drills instead of running or walking around the soccer field.

Albert and my son don't care! They are both just happy to see me doing something for myself, fitness wise. I guess, I have trained my husband and my son to think that way, since I have been doing soccer drills on the sideline on and off since 2006! For the record, I received my BC youth soccer certifications and coached younger kids, including my son's U9 and U10 team as a head coach. I have 3 kids who played soccer since 2006, and when I am not coaching, just watching, taking soccer photos, and promoting soccer sport online, I enjoyed doing soccer drills on the sideline. My advance apology for the 'very traditional'. Having seen amateur soccer men past 50s participating during annual Nations Cup at nearby town (one of my favourite events, by the way), I can't see why women should stopped doing soccer drills, stay fit and having a fitness program that has the title 'FUN' in it!

US CPA Exam Review Continues
Besides on the above things that I do, when I find a spare time, I am still in pursuit of my forever US CPA designation. I guess it's not so much of how much money I could make out of it at this time, but it's becoming a challenge of finishing a long journey which started in my home country Philippines at least close to 30 years ago. I received my Bachelor of Science in Commerce diploma in October of 1985 at University of San Agustin (USA), and received my Diploma in Accounting at University of British Columbia (UBC) in May of 2002. It's  all fun for me, except when I get a 'fail' mark in my FAR!

Until next writing...

Earla Riopel
Contact info:
Earla RiopelBScom (USA), DAcc (UBC)
#310 – 8725 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4B4, 


About "NYCARE" and @EarlaRiopel

What is NYCARE?
Or who is NYCARE?

NYCARE is a family related websites I (@EarlaRiopel) created for myself and my "Riopel Family". N-Y-C-A-R-E is a combination of my Riopel Family members' name:

N = Noel
Y = Yvonne
C = Catherine
AR = Albert Riopel
E = Earla

Hope that answered your curiosity.

The creation of NYCARE in August 2010 was actually accidental. It was an inactive Twitter account for my @Acct4Life I created for my accounting business.

I was more on my main Facebook account during that time (created in 2007). It started with a 50 Facebook friends, and grew to over 4,800 friends now! I know, it's too many.

The Influencer
My first Twitter account is @EarlaRiopel created in 2009, this too is accidental. It started with my love and curiosity of cycling related sports (did a few triathlon races between 2004 - 2011), and finally created my first Twitter in May of 2009. Laugh if you will, but I was a huge fan of Lance Armstrong. It was him who got me into Twitter. I was following him through Facebook during that time. He has this ability to make his fans follow him, even to open a Twitter account! I was glad he had that influence on his fans during time, or else I won't be having this fun, and enjoying Twitter as I do now, especially following and interacting with very exciting tweeps!

Also, I became a huge fan of the BC Superweek, an annual nine (9) cycling races, held in the Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, just across the other side of United States of America. Most of the competing teams are from the the US, and overseas. Always happy and excited to watch some of our Canadian cyclists when they come to town, even if they're riding for non-Canadians teams!

So, that's how I joined Twitter, my first account (@EarlaRiopel) in 2009, and then @NYCARE_Wellness in August of 2010, and the rest of Twitter accounts followed. I definitely have a story for each of them too, and why they were created.

More on the Origin of NYCARE Creation
Back to the creation of NYCARE, since I am not done with the story yet. As I mentioned above, the creation of NYCARE is accidental. It was first meant for my accounting business, and decided to use the account for a dietary supplementary products in 2010 with someone I worked with as an associate. But had to change the site's name (that is now NYCARE) later on.

Though our short-lived dietary business lasted in a short period of time, my former co-associate actually became one of my Facebook on-line soccer friends who is fun to follow. That's the nice thing of being in sports, either you're a fan or an athlete, or as a soccer player, you always have something to talk about the sports - all age groups welcome!

So that's it folks, that's how NYCARE was created, and why @NYCARE_Wellness was more into a sports Twitter site, especially with the emphasis into soccer (all my kids played soccer, and us parents as coaches). My husband Albert, Noel and myself are still very much involved with soccer. I am more of like the messenger, promoting the sport through on-line, and through being a sports amateur photographer.

The Addiction to Twitter and Paperli Continued
In addition to NYCARE, I also have the privilege of promoting the sports through related sites I created. Being married to a youth soccer coach, mother of three children (who always have the love for the sports). Also, being an accountant, a United States (US) CPA candidate, and a 'soldier' for my family for life - makes it more enjoyable to manage @NYCARE_Wellness and 20 related accounts,

Besides my main website:, I also created, own, and manage most of these Twitter Accounts, which are recently named 'Riopel' (formerly called NYCARE and Earla, and most of "All My Fun Site Links" accounts, 

Also, besides LinkedIn, TwitterFacebookYouTubeFlickr, and Google+ sites, which some of them are fully-designed and functioning, I decided to just have a few blogs where I can enjoy my love of writing. I find that a Blogger site like this one is the best sites to carry most of my daily networking activities links, especially related to the new 'Riopel'. The rest are still in-progress site construction mode, which I am too excited to design them fully in the near future.

Earla Riopel
Contact info:
Earla RiopelBScom(USA), Dacc(UBC)
#310 – 8725 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4B4,